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Printable Transfers For Light Materials HTV

10 Pack
25 Pack


Our inkjet printable transfers for Light Materials make it easy to create your own printed image for application to light colored materials ranging from white to about lighter pastel colors.  The unique polymer StarCraft uses actually transfers the inkjet printed image to the garment.  A heat press is recommended for applying this product because of temperature and pressure requirements.  When applying to colored garments you may see the polymer where no ink is printed around the image–this will fade and soften after the garment is washed once or twice.   Sold in 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets, this product is perfect for standard inkjet printers of all types.

StarCraft Transfers for Light Materials are easy to identify by the green logo printed on the back of each sheet as well as the green instructions.

Application and Care Instructions

  • Press at 375 Degrees for 30 Seconds under HIGH pressure
  • Immediately Peel HOT
  • To wash, turn garment inside out, wash in cold water.  Do not bleach.
  • Tumble dry low heat (hang dry recommended).
  • If ironing, do NOT iron directly on the applied image.


It can be confusing sometimes to decide which StarCraft Printable Transfers you should choose for your project.  It is important to remember that Transfers for Light Materials cannot reproduce the color white and there is no such thing as white ink.  Because of this you must decide which material will work best for your project.  The chart below walks you though the process to help you decide based on your garment type and design properties.