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About Us

Welcome to CraftVinyl.ca, we are family owned business which we started due to the lack of quality craft vinyl being sold in Canada at a reasonable price. I started out making nursery decals for our first baby boy. Being Pregnant with our second boy we found that selling some of our favorite decals would a great part time job and doing something that I truly love.  We tried many different types of vinyl but we were really impressed with the quality and easy of weeding of Oracal. Unfortunately Oracal products were hard to get in Canada. You had two options either you bought it from the US and paid duties with high shipping costs or you had to buy it from a Sign wholesaler which had a large minimum order attached, or they wouldn’t even sell to us because we weren’t a sign company. We decided to buy larger quantities and sell our excess to other crafters. Due to the popularity of Oracal we decided to open our own crafting site in the spring of 2018. We enjoy offering crafters and small business an opportunity to buy quality vinyl at affordable prices. Now that we have two young boys in the family I still continue fascination in making all types decals and HTV around the house. I hope you enjoy crafting as much as our family does.  Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.




Lyn Madrid