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751 Oracal Vinyl

Indulge yourself with luxury, greater flexibility, and a higher level of durability- enjoy these and more with Oracal 751!

Oracal 751 is the ultimate choice for top-notch vinyl performance. This high gloss vinyl enables crafters to create high-quality lettering, decorative decals, premium-looking vehicle and fleet graphics. Oracal 751 is perfectly suitable for lasting outdoor usage and is reliable vinyl for making indoor crafts designs.

Sporting a thin 2-millimeter cast film, Oracal 751 is packed with flexibility and excellent conformability. It allows you to experience the ease of application for both dimensionally stable and complex surfaces. With Oracal 751, your search for a more durable vinyl stops here as this product can boast up to 8 years of high-value outdoor performance - giving you a significantly longer life than most calendared vinyl in our catalog. 

Oracal 751 is a cast vinyl equipped with a pressure-sensitive permanent adhesive. It gives you no trouble repositioning as long as it still lightly applied. With its excellent weeding and release values, this craft vinyl's custom silicone coated release liner is a superior feature you'd like to experience yourself. 

If you're still torn between Oracal 751 and other permanent adhesive vinyl, let these proven features lead you to click that purchase button:

  • It's available in a wide array of colors choose from.
  • It comes with a transparent, solvent-based, permanent adhesive that can effortlessly be attached to any non-porous surface-from flat to irregularly shaped surfaces.
  • It's a cast vinyl which is 25% and 50% thinner than Oracal 651 and Oracal 631, respectively. 
  • It gives you a long time to enjoy high-quality outdoor graphics: 

- 8 years for black & white

- 7 years for transparent and colored

- 5 years for metallic 

- 3 years for the gold and brilliant blue variant

  • It’s specifically engineered for best quality vehicle decals.

What are you waiting for? Experience the leading permanent vinyl in the market today. Give yourself the quality and durability that only Oracal 751 can provide.

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